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 Advertisement Closing Notices in next five days for Goods
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Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of data driven eAIP with Aeronautical Information Management Database (AIMBD) system, in line with ICAO AIS to AIM Roadmap (AIS to AIM), at Hazrat Shajalal International Airport, Dhaka on turn key basis.
31-Mar-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Notice for the Pre-Qualification of Sponsors for Framing a Short List of Local/Overseas Competent Pre-Paid Meter Manufacturer to Interface its Pre-Paid Meter with Installed Software Under Unified Pre-Paid Metering System .
04-Jun-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Procurement of Spares for Measuring Instruments of Siddhirganj 210MW Thermal Power Station, BPDB, Narayanganj.
15-Jun-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Procurement of Hardware, Software and Accessories for 2D Seismic Project of BAPEX
21-Jun-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Purchase of service of Shipping and Air Freight Forwarding Agent.
01-Jul-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Procurement of Light house Equipments, Light house Tower & Related Services
05-Jul-2015 Chittagong [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Package No. GD 409.02: Procurement of Multimedia Projector-5575 units
05-Jul-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Procurement of Plant Design, Supply and Installation of Package 6: Hathazari-Sikalbaha-Anwara 230 kV Transmission Line and Hathazari-Rampur 230kV Transmission Line Turnkey Basis.
08-Jul-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Appointment of a Service Provider for Management of Foreign Tours (Package No. NS-03).
09-Jul-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]
Micro Macro Projetor, Nu Martindale Abrasion & Rubbing Fastness Tester, Light Fastness Testing Machine.
14-Jul-2015 Dhaka [Closing: 30-Jul-2015]

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